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Invygo is the alternative to traditional car ownership where you can shop, get approved and pay for your next car — all through your phone.

We’re the first of its kind car-subscription app in the region that allows you to pay for your car on a monthly basis and return or upgrade it whenever you want without penalties! The minimum commitment is only 1 month.

Renting is a short-term solution. Car quality is questionable, and you often end up with a car that’s “similar” to the one you actually wanted.

A lease will lock you in for 36-48 months. You also pay up-front for 3-months and opting out before the end of the contract will cost you the whole deposit.

The typical vehicle loan will tie you down for 5 to 7 years. Your true cost of ownership also includes yearly car registration fees, insurance and maintenance costs (tires and battery changes at the very least) for an ever-depreciating asset.

What’s worse is the high cost of switch between cars and not having the option to get rid of the financial burden from one day to the next.

What if you could have a dealer-certified car on a monthly basis because you don’t want the long-term commitment, with no down-payment or deposit and the ability to walk-away without any penalties? That’s how our flexible car subscription model works, designed to be a part of your journey however long (or short) it might be.

All our inventory comes from authorized dealerships ensuring the best quality and maintenance for your car. We’re continuously working on improving the fleet variety and size to ensure there’s always a car for everyone.

The cost of the monthly subscription depends on the car you get. Our monthly subscription prices start from AED 1500 ($400) which includes vehicle use, vehicle registration, routine maintenance, warranty, insurance, roadside assistance, replacement car and customer service. We only charge a one-time fee which is only 10% of your first month subscription. This fee is a processing fee for our dealership partners.

All you need to do is show us your driver’s license, national (Emirates) ID, add your payment details and you can get driving! Everything can be done through our app.

*We also request basic contact information such as your phone and email.

*Customers must be 25 or over