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Invygo is the alternative to traditional car ownership where you can shop, get approved and pay for your next car — all through your phone.

We’re the first of its kind car-subscription app in the region that allows you to pay for your car on a monthly basis and return or upgrade it whenever you want without penalties! The minimum commitment is only 1 month.

We're very different.

  1. You get cars that are maintained by the authorized dealerships, which means better quality cars
  2. You get the car you booked and not "something similar" which is always the case with rentals
  3. You do not pay any deposits usually charged by rental companies
  4. You do not pay for hidden charges as price includes VAT and all fees. We're transparent with our prices for the whole fleet which can we seen through our app with no preferential treatment
  5. You get an in-app experience as we're a tech company not a rental
  6. You only commit on a monthly basis as you would in a subscription

A lease will lock you in for 36-48 months. You also pay up-front for 3-months and opting out before the end of the contract will cost you the whole deposit.

The typical vehicle loan will tie you down for 5 to 7 years. Your true cost of ownership also includes yearly car registration fees, insurance and maintenance costs (tires and battery changes at the very least) for an ever-depreciating asset.

What’s worse is the high cost of switch between cars and not having the option to get rid of the financial burden from one day to the next.

What if you could have a dealer-certified car on a monthly basis because you don’t want the long-term commitment, with no down-payment or deposit and the ability to walk-away without any penalties? That’s how our flexible car subscription model works, designed to be a part of your journey however long (or short) it might be.

The minimum duration of your booking is a month. We don’t allow daily or weekly booking requests as monthly subscriptions allow us to deliver the complete service that includes free delivery (everywhere except Al Ain and Fujeirah) without upfront deposits and VAT included.

The price you see in the app includes VAT and all fees. Beyond this, you will pay for Salik and parking/fines per your consumption. Included in the price:

  • Delivery (FREE - excluding Al Ain & Fujeirah)
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Comprehensive Insurance
  • Warrantee
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Replacement car
  • 24/7 customer service

We take no deposit. You just pay for the month at the time of booking.

We're PCI compliant - Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard - which is an independent and a global gold standard for secure card payments. This is the highest standard for ecommerce payment.

Most debit cards are accepted. We have experienced issues with ADCB and Standard Chartered Bank. Which bank do you use?

The cost of the monthly subscription depends on the car you get. Our monthly subscription prices start from AED 1375 ($375) which includes vehicle use, vehicle registration, routine maintenance, warranty, insurance, roadside assistance, replacement car and customer service. We charge a one-time 'start fee' at the time of booking the car. The 'start fee' is a one-time fee we charge when you make the booking. It allows us to keep our monthly rate low, eliminate deposits and avoid complex long-term contracts. This fee allows us to maintain our platform so we can continue to provide the best service for our customers.

To book a car, we require valid Emirates ID, UAE driver's license and a bank card for payment - credit or debit.

All of our detailed terms and conditions can be seen on our website, but if you have additional questions, please contact us.

You can book a car as a new driver, but in the event of an accident you will be required to pay 10% of the damages and the full excess liability fee.

You cannot upgrade to full-insurance unless you meet the following conditions to add full insurance:

AGE: Min 23+ years
UAE LICENSE: 6+ months
FOR UAE LICENSE UNDER 6 MONTHS: holding license for 2+ year in home country

Delivery and pickup is free for all locations except Al Ain and Fujeirah. For pickup and delivery we charge AED 320 for Al Ain and AED 430 for Fujeirah.

We have a 24/7 emergency service number that you can contact right through the app for your booking. All routine service and maintenance is included in the monthly price.

In case you wish to continue with the car, you need not do anything as the contract auto renews every month (30 days).

To schedule your return, you need to go to the bookings tab on the app (looks like a calendar icon at the bottom) and you should be able to select return details very easily.

Pro tip - do make sure to fuel up the car tank to the same level at which you received to avoid any unnecessary charges!

Yes, you can switch cars. You will have to return your current car and place a new booking for the car you wish to book next.

Pro tip - to ensure a smooth transition between cars, we recommend you schedule the return date & time of your current car to be the same as the delivery date & time of the next car you wish to book.

You can get full insurance for an extra fee that covers everything - even if it is your fault - as long as you have the police report. The price is 160-300aed/month depending on the car booked.

You cannot upgrade to full-insurance unless you meet the following conditions to add full insurance:

AGE: Min 23+ years
UAE LICENSE: 6+ months
FOR UAE LICENSE UNDER 6 MONTHS: holding license for 2+ year in home country

All cars come with standard insurance. This covers everything that isn't your fault with a police report. If an accident happens that is your fault, you will pay a 940-1800aed excess liability fee - depending on the car booked.

The cars and excess liabilities are listed below:

CAR, Excess Liability

  • Micra 938
  • Sunny 938
  • Sentra 938
  • Kicks 938
  • Urvan 1,250
  • Duster 938
  • Koleos 1,250
  • Pathfinder 1,875
  • X-Trail 1,250
  • Symbol 938
  • Q50 1,875
  • QX60 938
  • Altima 938
  • We update cars on our platform daily and you can see everything we have available today in the app. We’re continuously working on improving the fleet variety and size to ensure there’s always a car for everyone. If you have any specific models or brands you would like us to add, please reach out!

    Pro tip - always have the app updated to the latest version to see the latest fleet and offers.

    All our inventory comes from authorized dealerships ensuring the best quality and maintenance for your car.

    Our cars come with a standard of 2500km included in the price. However, you do have the option to increase upto 4500km. It costs 150-300aed for the extra mileage depending on the make of car.

    Additional drivers can be added to the booking. There is an additional payment per month for every additional driver. It's 130aed/month - and covers the cost of insuring each additional driver.

    Our offices are in Knowledge Village in Dubai.

    Address: In5 Tech Building, Media City (there are no cars here, only the corporate office)

    Our cars are stored and delivered by our dealer partners who have locations all over the UAE.

    You can contact us through the below methods: